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About Us

Turning the Tide of Tears

We are a community based group who have come together under the umbrella of supporting families and friends through death and dying.

Each of us is our own business, but we support each other in order to support you. 

Where are you?

Fit and Well but want to be prepared?

Dying or know someone who is dying?

Someone you love has just passed away?

Dealing with Loss and Grief? 

My Story

Greetings, I'm Cate Brockbank, a person with multiple roles, each catering to different needs and individuals.

Firstly, as a Death Support Doula, I am here to provide compassionate assistance and support during the end-of-life journey.

Additionally, as a Funeral Director, I am dedicated to caring for the physical body of your loved one with utmost respect and consideration.

Furthermore, I serve as a Celebrant, meticulously preparing and delivering heartfelt ceremonies, ensuring a compassionate and meaningful experience.

Moreover, my background as a Registered Nurse has equipped me with a profound understanding of death and the dying process.

My decision to assume these roles was not based on a singular motive but rather a multitude of reasons.

The inspiration began years ago when I had the opportunity to travel on a private jet and discovered the gentleman accompanying me owned several funeral homes in the United States. Upon arriving in Australia,

I noticed a parallel situation with large corporate entities overseeing numerous cemeteries and burial sites.

It saddened me to witness a prioritisation of financial gain over genuine care, often burdening the grieving individuals.

To counter this, I sought training from an organisation that initially aimed to support families wholeheartedly. However, even they eventually succumbed to larger influences. It was during this time that I became aware of smaller companies solely focused on meeting the unique needs of each person and their families.

Thus, I founded Freshwater Funerals, assembling a compassionate team dedicated to giving back to the community and providing unwavering support to grieving families.

Meet the Support Team

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