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The Wedding Process

As your celebrant, I am honoured to help make your special day exactly the way you wish it to be.

Let's start with a no-obligation meeting to discover if we work well together and if you feel I am the person you wish to have celebrate your wedding or ceremony.

The Process:

  • You have accepted me as your celebrant

  • You fill-out and sign the Notice of Intent to Marry form in my presence (one or both of you)

  • I visualise your passports &/or Birth Certificate  & photo ID

  • I am required to see any end of last marriage paperwork if applicable

  • I am required to inform you of pre-marital guidance opportunities

  • You will receive a simple government brochure explaining marriage. 

  • A non-refundable deposit of $100 is requested at this time to hold your date

  • I write your script with the ideas we discussed at the meeting

    • Introductions and Giving Away ceremonies

    • Symbolism, Cultural or Traditional Ceremonies

    • Style of Wedding or Celebration

    • Venue, time and date

    • Questions to answer for your personalised story and your vows

    • Vows, readings, blessings or poems - and who you might like to read them

    • Rings

    • Your two witnesses who need to be over the age of 18years.

  • Email, video and phone calls  to change any details throughout the process

  • Arrange a rehearsal at my home office in Freshwater one week before your wedding

  • Sign the Declaration of no Legal Impediment to Marriage form before the wedding takes place. Usually this is done at your rehearsal.

Important Legal information - Minimum Legal Requirements from the Australian Government:


You and Your Partner

1. You are in a partnership of two people [regardless of gender] aged 18+

2. You are of legal age for marriage in Australia - If one of you is 16+ and the other 18+ you can apply for special permission through the court

3. You both consent to entering into the marriage

4. You have lodged a Notice of Intended Marriage with a celebrant, Justice of the Peace, Solicitor or Notary Public from any country in English, at least one month, but no longer than 18 months prior to your ceremony date.

5. You are able to provide ID showing where and when you were born, as well as photographic prove you of who you say you are - a passport does both of these things, otherwise a birth certificate and driver's license is fine.

    (other forms of ID are also accepted)

6. You are not already legally married to each other or to anybody else - this includes marriages that have taken place overseas

7. Any same sex marriages that were legally performed in another country were automatically legally recognized in Australia on the 9th December 2017.

8. You must provide proof of the end of any previous legal marriages by way of divorce, death or nullity certificates.

9. Close to your wedding date, you must sign a declaration of no legal impediment to marriage stating that there is no legal reason that the two of you can't be married.

10. If you are from OVERSEAS, all information must be in English or translated by a NATI registered translator. 

11. Anyone may marry in Australia so long as they adhere to Australian Law.


On the day of your Ceremony:

You are required to provide two witnesses who are aged 18+. You may request your celebrant arranges these witnesses for an additional fee.


As your celebrant I will:


1. Introduce myself and state that I am legally authorised to solemnise marriages according to the law.

2. Recite the Government worded Monitum:

          "Before you are married in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses,

           I am to remind you of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship of which you are now about to enter."

3. Explain how marriage in Australia is defined:

           "Marriage in Australia is the union of two people, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life."
4.  The two of you will say the legal vows

           "I ask the people here present to witness, that I, AB, take you, CD, to be my lawful wedded wife/husband/spouse."

5.  You two, your two witnesses who must be present during the legal wording will sign 3 documents

6.  I  will register your marriage either via Lifelink e-marriages which is the quickest option, or sending all            documentation to the Births Deaths and Marriages (BDM).  I get you registered within 2 days and your certificate should arrive within that week. If it does not, please contact me immediately and I will follow up.


Registering your Marriage & information about change of name:


  1. I will register your marriage within a week of your wedding. Typically within 24 hours.

  2. Once BDM have registered your marriage, you are able to change your surname if you so choose using your official certificate of marriage.

  3. The Ceremonial Certificate of Marriage you receive on the day: Is a legal document with an official number, however is is not proof of marriage for change of name purposes.

  4. You may request your official BDM certificate at the time of registration to save time on receiving this official document. If you prefer to wait and get your certificate later, that is also ok and costs $60. I include this certificate cost in all my prices.

  5. There is an option to get a commemorative certificate from the BDM, please see the BDM website for examples.      This is an extra cost.

  6. There is also an option to fast-track your certificate at an extra cost. 


Other Important Questions you may have - Follow the Underlined Links

1.   We need to get married within the month - How can I Shorten the Time of my application to get married?

2.  We live overseas but wish to get married in Australia while we are on holiday. Is this possible?

3.  Where are we allowed to get married? From beach, water to mountain and anywhere in-between. Ask me for ideas that             suit your style.

4. Request a Spouse Visa letter. This will be included in the price if you take on my service as your celebrant

5. I can also be your MC at your reception if you wish. 


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