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Music & Public Liability

Conditions of  Service


I am here to give you the very best experience I possibly can for your celebration.


My Vow to you:

  • I will arrive no less than half an hour before the ceremony

  • I will conduct your ceremony in a highly professional manner

  • I will respect your guests and help those who need assistance

  • I will coordinate with your wedding planner and photographer to ensure the best run and photo opportunities

  • I am very accommodating in times of crisis and will make every effort to ensure the wedding goes ahead on that day or on another day. A different day may incur an additional fee.

  • I will respect your wishes, your beliefs and your cultural diversities and incorporate them into your ceremony if you so wish. 

  • I will research your cultural background 

  • I will make an effort to use the right language and pronunciations of your names 

  • I will adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct for Celebrants

  • As a member of the AFCC, I am insured for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability and hold a copyright protection and APRA commercial music performance license exemption to play the music you choose for your ceremony

  • I have a lot of extra's to offer for your ceremony, please refer to About

  • If I am unable to get to your wedding for some unexpected emergency and completely unavoidable circumstance, I will, unless unconscious, find you a replacement registered celebrant to perform your wedding on the same arranged date and time. 

  • As a very last resort, a friend may go through the ceremony with you using parts of your script on the day as a commitment ceremony and I will complete all the paperwork and legal aspects at your convenience.  In this event, all monies paid will be refunded to you. 


I cannot promise:

  • Please be prompt, I cannot promise and am under no obligation to stay and to start proceedings later than 30 minutes after the agreed wedding time.

  • However, every situation is different. So depending on your reason for the late start, I will treat the situation with respect and arrange another time or an additional fee. FYI: This has never happened in 11 years of celebrant work. 

  • If I have not received my fee for service prior to your wedding. Fee on the day is acceptable, however, one week prior at the rehearsal would be preferred.


Legally, I cannot marry you if:

  • You have not signed the No Legal Impediment to Marriage form to prove neither of you are married to another person & I have sighted all divorce or death certificates prior to marriage,  neither of you is in a prohibited relationship and both of you are of legal marriageable age. Unless you have evidence of the order under section 12 of the Marriage Act 1961.

  • You have not shown me your passports OR your birth certificates and photo identification

  • All documentation must be in English or a translation into English.

  • Either party arrives intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. However, at an additional fee, I will perform the wedding as a commitment ceremony and return later to legalize your marriage when the effects have worn off.

  • If you are LBGTI and have previously married outside of Australia, your marriage is now deemed as legal, so you cannot marry the same person again. Also, if you married and divorced/partner has died outside of Australia, I will need to see your divorce or death certificates prior to your new marriage.


I Can Marry you if:

  • You are from overseas and hold foreign documentation in English - no need to be an Australian Citizen.

  • You are part of the LBGTI community. It will give me the greatest pleasure to be part of legalising your commitment to one another

  • You choose an unusual destination, adventure setting for your wedding so long as it is within Australian Land Sea or Airspace.

  • You would like to surprise your guests. I can keep a secret.


Social Media and Photographs

With full respect of your privacy and immediate deletion of any photos at your request

  • I would be very grateful if you would allow me to use your chosen photos for my website or social media 

  • I would love to take photos for you at your wedding but I will be very aware not to get in the way of the photographer.


Highly recommended for your Celebration - Be Prepared

  • Respect the comfort of your guests. 

    • Arrange umbrella's for the sun or light rain

    • Consider the time of day and season of the year when arranging your wedding.

    • A canopy may be required

    • Arrive on time - don't make your guests wait

    • Advise them if the gound is uneven, to wear suitable shoes

    • Advise them to bring either sun protection, bug protection or cold weather protection

    • Advise them about parking and how far it may be to walk to the location

    •  Arrange assistance for the older or disabled members of your community

    • Provide water if it is hot and blankets if it is cold

    • If anyone is diabetic, asthmatic or has frail heart or lungs, please ensure they have their medication and someone to help them.

    • Advise if the location needs to be changed due to galeforce winds or rain.

  • To help you

    • I have 6 large white umbrella's for your use

    • I have 2 canopies for your use

    • I will be there early enough to help some of your guests if required

    • I carry sunscreen

    • I have a table and two chairs for signing if required

    • I am a registered nurse, but would prefer everyone to enjoy the wedding without complications 


Schedule of Fees - Payments and Refunds


  • The non-refundable deposit is payable at the time of confirming your booking. $50

  • Any on-line payment balance is due a month before your wedding date and only 20% not refundable if the marriage does not go ahead.

  • Any cash payment to be made at the rehearsal 1 week prior to your wedding. At this point this is non-refundable.

  • A discount of $35 is deducted if the fee is paid in full when the booking is confirmed and the NOIM form is signed

  • Full payment prior, I will refund 50% up until the date one week prior to your ceremony.

  • All fees pertaining to travel and parking must please be paid one week prior to the wedding date. (As discussed at your consultation)

  • Cancellation on the day is non-refundable, however, you may choose to wed at a later date you will not be charged twice. Please see Terms and Conditions for details.


Legal requrements
Be prepared
Payments and refunds
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