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The Funeral

What Part of the Process are you at?

'Like a shadow in the moonlight

Like the whisper of the seas

Like the echoes of a melody

Just beyond our reach

In the shadow of our sorrow

Past the whisper of goodbye

Love shines through eternity

A heartbeat from our eye'

Unknown Author

  • Making of a Legal Will

  • Enduring Guardian

  • Power of Attorney

  • Funeral Options

  • Celebration of Life Options

  • What to prepare in advance

  • Advanced Care Directive


  • Legal Will is up to date

  • Enduring Guardian and Power of Attorney is set

  • Information from the patient as to their funeral and celebration wishes

  • Advanced Care Directive in place

  • MOLST in place

  • Family member in charge of arrangements

  • Where would the patient like to die if at all possible to arrange

  • What is a cooling plate

  • What would the patient like for their funeral

  • How would the patient like to be remembered

  • How did the death occur

  • Where is your loved one now

  • Who to call

  • What are my options regarding a vigil

  • Can I take my loved one's body home first

  • Which Funeral Director should I use and why

  • Are there instructions from the deceased as to their death wishes

  • Organ donation

  • Deceased Body to Science

  • Someone in your life is lost to you by death or difficult circumstances

  • Was it sudden and traumatic or expected and calm

  • How are you dealing with their loss

  • Are you spiritual or religious

  • Psychology, counselling, Spiritual guidance programs.

  • My mental health is in jeopardy

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Below are links to our Services. Please click on the picture.

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Being Prepared

You have so many choices.
Forget the old traditions and make your own new ones. 

Know what is available now and what might be available in the future. 

Be Creative

Start with letting your family in on your secrets. 

A Will

Your Legacy

Who will take over all of your worldly things once you have gone.


Death Doula Support

We can support you through your time of coming to terms with the death of a loved one or even your own death.
We give your family support and time to rest as they go through their grieving process.

Coffin entering cript.HEIC

Funeral Arrangments

Choosing a funeral director is sometimes a pre-arranged decision because they were good for someone else. But each person is different. Think about what your loved-one would have wanted. Freshwater Funerals will offer you  bespoke options to help support you through this difficult time of loosing someone you love without the over baring funeral costs 

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Grief Counselling & Spiritual Support

Death brings about so many emotions.

Let us support you at any part of the grief & loss process and assist you to move forward with your grief.

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